Since the start of our journey, we have always been moved to achieve a main goal: to give back to earth what we have taken from it. More and more companies like yours are gradually starting to cooperate with us, since they are concerned about their environmental impact, and they are helping us achieve our purpose little by little.

This is why
we are proud to tell you that:


products have been manufactured
by recycling yellow bin waste

We have already managed to manufacture 1.479.466 products thanks to the recycling of yellow bin waste, recovering the equivalent to 134.812 oil barrels. This is the amount of this limited natural resource that would be required to generate this amount of plastic for its original purpose.

Do you know what these 134.812 barrels? Here it is:

270.010 331 Mwh

equivalent of recovered


days of energy consumed
by a city as large as Madrid

All of this oil could be used to produce 9.706.440 liters of petrol or, alternatively, 5.122.843 liters of diesel oil. Imagine how many cars can drive with this amount of fuel.

As you can see, the benefits of recycling are many and this does not only affect the containers and packages we recycle, but there are many other factors involved. Therefore, the more we recycle, the more oil barrels we can save, preventing the raw materials from being used up for a single application. This translates into huge energy savings.


litres of petrol that could be produced
with this amount of oil…


…litres of petrol

Join us, if you believe that you can do your part with recycling, so future generations can enjoy a green planet with no plastic waste!

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