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Currently, one of the main challenges of industry is to stop climate change and its impact on the environment. Therefore, companies must reduce their carbon footprint, i.e., the total GHG emissions, which are measured in CO2.


tons of CO2 emissions avoided thanks to the recovery of plastic waste

Throughout the year, we have managed to14.765tn of CO2 thanks to the recovery of plastic with our recycling processes. In other words, these tons of CO2 would be emitted if new plastic were to be used.


tons of atmospheric CO2 emissions avoided

In addition, by preventing such waste from being dumped or incinerated and by adding them again to the value chain converted into new products, we have managed to prevent 16.093 tons of atmospheric CO2 emissions. All of this thanks to recycling!

Moreover, plastic is a material that is lighter than other alternatives. Thanks to this, our customers can transport less weight during their logistics activities. This translates into a lower consumption of fossil fuels and savings of approximately 654 tons of CO2 this year. If you are already collaborating with us and wish to learn about the savings of your logistics processes, please contact us to find out more.

tons of CO2
emissions avoided this year

What is the equivalent of these tons of CO2?


Olympic-size swimming pools filled with CO2


citizens emitting CO2 throughout a period of one year


citizens driving their cars throughout a period of one year

As you can see, we have avoided a huge volume of atmospheric CO2 emissions, reducing our Carbon Footprint and that of all of the companies that collaborate with us.

Join us if you also believe that you must reduce the carbon footprint of industry to stop climate change!

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