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With your help, we are preventing millions of plastic wastes from being dumped into the environment and from damaging vital ecosystems for life on land.

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We are proud to be the first international manufacturer in our sector to introduce a sustainable classification for all our products. This was possible thanks to the launch of our Sustainability Eco-label, which provides vital information, such as the number of equivalent containers and packages that have been recycled to produce the container or package, among other information.


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With the information on our Eco-label, we can see that we have managed to recycle the equivalent to 281.350.000 plastic containers and packages which mainly come from the plastic waste disposed of in yellow bins.
This is equivalent to a whopping 79.904 bales of waste that have passed through our recycling plant. It can’t be hard to imagine the scope of this action; we would like to compare it with things we know about to visualise it better.

If we were to collect this waste with bin lorries, we would be capable of filling 1.948 lorries. In fact, bin lorries in our cities collect and transport much more waste than just plastic so, in practice, this amount could be even 20 times more.

331 millions

yellow bin containers and packages recycled


post-consumption plastic
waste bales



Wait, we are taking a step further! According to different public studies, the waste bales we process would be equivalent to the waste generated by 375.133 European citizens in one year.

Naeco Rewards - ciudadano

European citizens using plastic containers
and packages per year

Naeco Rewards - ciudadano

What would happen if we put all of those bales together?
We could fill 17 football pitches! If these were to be placed one on top of the other, the bales would be 197 times the Eiffel Tower or even almost 7 times the world’s largest mountain, Mount Everest! Amazing, isn’t it?




times the world’s
largest mountain


times the
Eiffel tower

We have achieved these milestones thanks to the companies with which the share the aim to create a more sustainable world, which is possible with everyone’s cooperation. Join us if you believe that you can also help protect the environment by purchasing recycled plastic products!

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